Broken Prayers Blooming

In a world that feels broken it can sometimes feel like there is little point in praying for ourselves unless we view ourselves as broken too. There bigger and better things to be praying for. Shouldn’t we be focussed on something more. Our God is almighty and all powerful and doesn’t need to focussed on little but on the big questions of life. Yet it is even when we feel whole that we need God the most.

Prayer and health have long had deep links. You only have to look to the Bible to see many examples of people calling out for help for themselves or for their nearest and dearest in the hardest of times. God is there for us in the dark and the light. The Bible paves the way to show us that it is time to take up praying because God is calling into relationship with Himself and we will only ever truly be whole through that relationship.

If you spend some time Googling prayer and health you can find pages upon pages of the potential health benefits; from your relationships to your ability to cope with stress. So even if you do not have a reason to believe in prayer maybe it is time to start “believing in prayer”. You may even find that relationship begins to blossom where you didn’t think it could.

So take some time today to pray. Not necessarily in the silence but maybe loudly over the messy. Maybe over the voice inside that says it feels wrong. Maybe because you have no other answer. Shout, whisper or feel it in your mind. Say something or say nothing and offer yourself instead. You may not get the answer you expect or hope for but something new may just begin to start.

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