Greenbelt Part One

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but wasn’t sure how to put it into words. How do you describe a place you are only just starting to get to know? I could give you facts such as when it was started and how etc. Yet you could Google those facts. So this is my view.


This August was the second year we had been to Greenbelt. The first year we were invited by friends to their hen and stag do. The weekend was manic as we tried to do too much all with an 11th month old. We convinced ourselves we weren’t going back this year and if we did go again it would be bi-annually. Yet several months later we had booked on again. There was that draw we just couldn’t ignore.


Convinced that our daughter could go to more this year because she was older and my husband would do less to make it an easier time for all, we set out with our pipe dream. And it was fantastic but for completely different reasons. Because we have family and friends who love our daughter so much that we got time to spend as husband and wife, almost too much time. That we got to experience life for a few days in a bubble, our loved ones there to support us in the hard times and to laugh along with us in the good. A space for us to just be.


I have recently read and have had people ask me about; ‘how Christian Greenbelt is and what are my thoughts on it?’ And my response is something as follows.

Greenbelt to me is the place that faith meets the modern world. Where I have the opportunity to learn to be a better Christian through those of faith, those on their journey to faith and those of no faith. For I am secure in my faith to know what to take to help my faith grow and what to leave behind that would cause my faith to wither. Greenbelt provides a safe place for my child to be. To be accepted and to be loved by those that she loves. Greenbelt gives me the time to explore my faith with my family without the pressure to be perfect; to have all the answers. It is a place where I meet others I agree with and those I can disagree with well. It is a place that is not perfect and that’s okay because neither am I. To me this is Christian and helps prepare me to go back into the real world a slightly better person; a slightly more aware person; a slightly (well depending on how you look at) refreshed person. Okay so I’m going to say more emotional/ spiritual “re-freshness” than physical, but that’s what you get when you camp.


I didn’t want to come away from Greenbelt that first year and to have enjoyed it. Yet, I did. I didn’t want to come away from our second Greenbelt and to have enjoyed and yet I did. Maybe I’ll be more prepared for our third.


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