Jesus Calms the Storm

This week my little one and I looked at Jesus calms the storm and oh my did we need to remember it’s teachings. Last week had been busy building up to the weekend of celebration. So in-between my mad dash to bake and clean the house top to bottom I tried to remember that I still need to build on what I have been trying out with my little one.

So as always we read the passage, we have prayed and drawn lots of pretty pictures. We also reused the craft we made in the first week (Jonah and the Whale). We mixed up and spun it as quick to make a storm inside. This week was more a physical week with a lot more games being played.

Another game we played was in our ball pit, but you could use any container or tub you have. My little one would sit in there and I would rock the sides, gently at first, increasing the speed just as the waves got choppy. This was definitely a firm favourite as we giggled along.

We also tried a balancing game. Well actually we did this in different ways. Firstly I balanced on one leg, trying to persuade my little one to try. This one was not so successful but would probably work for older children. The next one we did was climbing and balancing over the sofa cushions. This one has always been a firm favourite and we used this to represent the fishermen and how they were really good at balancing in their little fishing boat.

Our final game was a sleeping game. I would pretend to be asleep and my little one would have to wake me up. She loved this game, and sometimes wake up easily other times I would make it a little more difficult.

Next week we are going to explore the story of the walls of Jericho.

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