Inspired to be Better

What do you love about the world we live in? Maybe it’s the fact that despite everything being interconnected, nothing truly fits together. It is all jaunty angles and almost forming perfect fit but not quite.

Or maybe it is the fact that world is filled with the most beautiful sound. The birds tweeting, the trees rustling in the wind, the bees hurriedly buzzing by.

Or the fact the land is formed in curves, sweeping high into grand hills and mountains or dipping into deep valleys. Water exploring each nook and cranny, taking any opportunity it happens upon.

Perhaps it’s the sun beating down, making your skin prickle almost as if it is cuddling you. Or the stroke of wind as it whizzes invisibly past.

For some it maybe the produce from the ground or the nectar from above. Natural flavours bursting forth in your mouth. The sweet aromas filling the air as the flowers begin to bloom.

Nature has access to every one of our senses. It continues to teach us things and tap into our emotions. Who are we to ignore its cries?

Last week I was on an ecology retreat at St. Beuno’s. It was a beautiful, remote location, perfect to reflect and especially perfect for discussing the environment. I came away different from my expectations. Hope.

As each of us entered that weekend we came from different backgrounds and different levels of understanding of the environment. We each went away taking some new understanding, each pledging to be different in our own unique ways.

One of the things I took away was that so often we hear of how through our humanity we poison and destroy each part of our planet, yet never remind ourselves of what we fight for. Sometimes it is through the realisation of love that we come to be passionate enough to want to do better.

Our well-being is tied to the earth we belong.

So go outside, walk awhile or sit. Find the nature that inspires you to be better. And maybe if you do photograph it, share it on social media with the hashtag #inspiresmetobebetter

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