Transplantation of Love

Dear Donor Family,

5 years. I don’t need to tell you that it has been 5 years from what was a horrible day, while it was the day we had all been hoping for, the day my Dad got his kidney transplant.

I hope that through this years you have taken comfort in the fact that you and your loved one’s actions gave new hope and new life. A lot has happened since then, some good, some bad but it was a chance at life for all of us.

I can never thank you enough for your decision. Your decision made it certain that my Dad would walk me down the aisle just a few months later like a new man. My Dad has got to see my sister and I grow in new ways and face new challenges that without you we would have missed out on sharing with him. Thank you.

You are heroes and we are eternally grateful.


Who knew that my Dad could be here today thanks to those who were experiencing a dark day saying yes to donation. I also want to thank all the doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals, scientists and anyone else who made this possible. For FIVE years. Five years that otherwise we may not have had.

Yesterday I took some time to google the word transplantation and there are two definitions. One in regards to organ donation and the other is this:

“The movement of transfer of something or someone to another place or situation.”

It was those words that got me thinking of another transplantation of love. One that we are working our way towards right now. The Cross. For Jesus took our sins and died for them so that we do not have too. Wow. Transplantation of love.

He took our sins to reconcile us to God. 9 years a Christian, but 5 years since I began to truly accept this. Five years since I accepted that transplantation of love.

The road has not been smooth. Just as a transplant you have to take regular medication and these need re-adjusting regularly. And when I say regular medication I mean we need to confess and ask for forgiveness (despite Jesus’ act we are not perfect and often need to make up for this). And just like after a transplant you may have to make some lifestyle changes. Keeping healthy in order to honour the life of those lost. Again when I say lifestyle changes, well I mean just that really. Changing your life to try and be a better person, a more Godly person. Then just as I am remembering the family who made that decision 5 years ago this week, next week I will remember Jesus on the cross.

Transplantation of love.

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