To those women who have beaten the odds,
Those who have taken on mountains that I fear to try.
To the women who have paved the way,
And to those who take on the next part of the relay.
To the women who have suffered,
To those who suffering is yet to come,
I thank you and praise God that nothing was impossible for you this day.

Today has a dual significance. As a woman and a mother to a daughter I recognise the importance of celebrating International Women’s Day. But the day is also important because it has fallen on World Kidney Day. For those who may be reading my blog for the first time, I have Polycystic Kidney Disease.

As I write this piece I am simultaneously attempting to get my daughter to sleep, and to be honest I am tired and hungry but wanted to mark this day in some way.

I invite as you read this just to pray and/ or celebrate all the women involved in kidney care. To the doctors, to nurses, the pharmacists and receptionists. I want those women who have helped towards finding a cure or any research that helps support those with failing kidney health to be feel uplifted. You have all paved a path that once was not possible for me to follow.

We also pray for those women whose kidneys fail them, give them strength to keep fighting. You give me hope. We pray for those women who have family members with kidney problems. Help them along this journey, be their companion.

Finally we send you a special thanks for all the women who have donated a kidney. Without those who selflessly sacrifice; mothers would not see their children grow up, friends begin a journey alone, families mourn their loss. Donating is never an easy choice. God hold these special women close to you.

Thank you Lord for all these women across the world. There have been times where everything has seemed impossible and each time these women have proved us wrong. Lord, help me to achieve the impossible.


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