Come Follow Me

“Come follow me.”

Whether you imagine God with a big booming

May God guide me when the road up ahead seems unclear… 

 voice or soft or in any other voice you can imagine these are ominous words. My first response would be questions: where?; how?; why? Possibly asking God to divulge even further. It is often a running joke between my husband and myself that I ask the big questions; ones he may have barely thought about or comprehended or ones he may not even want to answer. He often says I should ask the Bishop but I have yet to build up the courage in case of the answers I might get in return.
Is that not why we often struggle to follow blindly though? The not knowing where we are going or going to end up? Will following be beneficial to me? Or will it bring me never ending heartache?

When the road is filled with obstacles…

In 2012, a Russian artist, Murad Osmann, created a series of photographs that went on to become viral. The series was called “Follow Me To”. The pictures depicted a man (the photographer) holding out his hand (his arm and hand being the only part seen by the audience) and being led into a new scene by his girlfriend. The girlfriend, Natalia, always has her back to the camera blindly trusting he will follow her to the ends of the world. And this is what the title was to represent, him following her to the ends of the world.
And is this not what Jesus calls us to do? To follow him, to follow God to the end of the earth and beyond? The photos in this blog are in the style of Murad Osmann’s “Follow Me To”. Yet there is no husband leading me. My hand may be empty but I am not alone. God is my companion and He is leading me. Leading me into the unknown; to an unknown future; to where and who I am meant to be be.

and when the road up ahead feels clear.

It is not always easy to follow blindly. To not question but pick up our cross and go. God calls us to all types of vocations, situations, to healthier lifestyles or out of our comfort zones. He does not abandon us on our journey but he trusts us to follow. Because although we may be blind to the outcome we are an active participant in the decision to step forward.
Whether you choose to take that next step is your decision alone. You may choose a new path, a different one and God may not lead; but He will always be your companion, at your side ready and waiting for when you are ready to take His journey.

Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” (Matthew 4:19)

May it always lead to Him.

Two young fishermen got this call from Jesus. The Bible says that at once they left their nets and followed him. My faith isn’t always strong, I have doubts and weaknesses. I often take the wrong path but I hope that when Jesus calls I down my net and follow him. The road will not be smooth; some days I will have to hold on to him with all my might; others his hand will barely be there. Different times will call for different responses. We just need to be open, listening and ready to hear the call:

“Come follow me”.

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