As the shadows begin to lengthen and the sun begins to lower beneath the horizon the celebrations begin. Christ has risen. A new day has begun.

“He has been raised; he is not here” (Mark 16:6).

When I set out on this journey I thought I had a vague idea of what to expect, just like the women who approached the tomb that morning. They expected to find the body of Jesus lay cold and lifeless. But that was not what they found. They found the tomb but no body. With this blog I expected/ hoped to find answers and when I first approached this blog post today I felt empty. The journey has been led by God but what was the point?

He has been raised“. The fear of the unknown is upon me but I am amazed at the journey that I have been on. I have never stuck at anything for 40 days before and that alone is an achievement. But it is more than that, the things I have had the chance to explore have changed me. I now see the importance of my wellness in the eyes of the Lord and I am starting to see my place in the world. I have been changed.

I have been changed just as every Christian should be by the resurrection of Jesus. My journey is not complete but I have started. I am more determined than ever to have a role in health promotion in Churches, but I have a new heart for the minorities in this world too.

Just as the story of Jesus did not end at his death, what should be the death of this blog now that Lent is over is not going to come about. The blog posts will not be daily but I am going to continue on my journey of growth and understanding. I hope that the longer breaks between the blogs gives the opportunity to allow for more growth and more articulate blogs. But more than anything I hope that they never stop being led by God. When that time comes this blog will cease, moving on to the next thing god desires but that day is not this one.

Now is a time for celebration. Get up, go out, be with the people you love. Christ is alive.

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