Yes, and…

Improvisation is not easy for me. Last night I quite happily made a fool of myself as we had some improv actors come in, do a show for us and begin to teach us the basics. When I say it is not easy for me I mean I completely froze in the middle of the room, silently praying the floor would open up and swallow me whole. But it wasn’t the improvisation that was the important bit for me, it was the skills it taught me. How many times in life do we say “yes, and…”? 

When it comes to life the older we got often the more afraid to attempt things. We have a fear of looking a fool and the unknown. In improv you are taught that when someone says something you always respond positively, accepting their reality and then with at you add to it. It’s about building a trust between you and the other performer. I found last night that my first reaction was actually to disagree, use “no, but…” We all some points in our lives deny another’s reality. 

We also deny God. Have you ever been called by God to do something and your first response is “no, but…”? God is always calling us to be the best versions of ourselves; mentally, physically and spiritually but sometimes it is easier to come up with excuses as to why we cannot do what is asked of us. “I am sorry but I am too busy to pray”; “but I don’t know how to cook healthily”; “but I don’t think I will be good at that because of x, y and z.” Only by saying “yes, and I am going to do this, this and this to help me get to my goal” can we make the changes in our lives. 

So if you like me are a “no, but…” person and see the changes needed to be made in life, today is to change that mindset to “yes, and…” If my husband hadn’t of found a way for us to get to Chicago because he knew I really wanted to do this training, we would have missed out on the experience of flying to Chicago, meeting some wonderful people and begin to fulfil my calling from God. Be more like my husband this day. Accept no more excuses and find a way. 

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