Don’t be Silenced

What keeps you up at night? Is it the monsters under the bed? When you are child the monsters are easily removed by a loving parent. They come into the room check under-the-bed or in the closet and suddenly you are much more secure. But as an adult we do not quite have the same luxury. For starters our monsters tend to be less physical (not always I do still get scared when in the house by myself) and less tangible. There is no physical removal of them, only constant worry. I suppose to some extent you could call these the monsters in your head.

These are the anxieties of our lives. We all suffer anxiety to some extent, whether about an exam or an interview but not everyone experiences the crippling affects chronic anxiety can have. Today Mind has a challenge for everyone. You have probably seen these types of challenges before such as the ice bucket challenge for ALS. This campaign is the #takeoffthetape campaign, you can see my attempt above (I unfortunately lacked any tape so had to make do with some paper on which I wrote one thing that makes me anxious). The idea is to not only raise money for the charity Mind but also to show people that we will not be silenced by anxiety.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the UK, which for some can be an anxious day. Whether that be a breakdown in the relationship; someone who is struggling to become a Mother; or due to death, it can be a hard day for some. Yet this was not something I was aware of until someone was brave enough to voice their anxieties around the day.

“Then Jesus said to him, ‘What do you want me to do for you?’ The blind man said to him, ‘My teacher, let me see again’” (Mark 10:51).

Anxieties are not a modern invention, the people of the Bible suffered from them too; physical, mental and spiritual anxieties. The Bible shows Jesus’ desire to know our anxieties, we only need to voice them.

It can easy to remained silenced, dread the coming day and not face the chains that anxiety applies to us. No matter how big or small anxiety you might have at the moment take a moment to voice it; to yourself; to someone you trust; and to God.


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