Praying for Rain

Please pray for rain Southern Mozambique this day. People are dying as the two year long drought continues. A month ago rain poured from the sky and the hope of the people soared but the rain lasted only one mere hour and with it the hopes of the people dried up. Crops cannot be planted as the ground turns to dust and families waste away in front of their loved one’s eyes. Please pray for rain.

We have probably all felt a drought in our lives at some point. Not as severe as the one I have just described but a drought all the same. Whether it comes from a physical drought, a spiritual drought or physical health drought, in life they can all be tough to deal with.

I have recently felt a drought in my own life. As a busy pharmacist last year I was working long days and long weeks. There never felt like there was much time in my life to achieve what needed to be done. Then I came to America. I was suddenly time rich; no work, no commitments, just the time to explore and enjoy myself. The first few weeks were great with fun-filled plans and half-hoped dreams for when I eventually became bored. But boredom did not come like a fast moving train, the fun slowly began to dry up. People were busy and I was not. Before I knew it I was stuck in a cycle of achieving nothing or being nothing and I let it begin to define me.

I think if I had let it continue much longer it could have developed into depression. Josh, my husband had noticed a difference in me and I just never wanted to leave the house. I had to change this drought. In part this is where this blog came in. It gave my “likes-to-be-constantly-busy” brain something to process and focus on.

When the droughts come in our own lives, sometimes we cannot wait for the rain to simply come. We need to change our actions and watch as the rain begins to slowly pour down into our lives until the drought is over. The droughts in our lives give us the opportunities to change our actions. Whether it be how we pray or how we keep the boredom away, we can be our own rainfall.

The people in Mozambique do not have that option this day. They do not have the chance to change their actions for their rainfall to come. Their drought continues, with little hope of change and with that we pray.

Shower, O heavens, from above,
    and let the skies rain down righteousness;
let the earth open, that salvation may spring up,
    and let it cause righteousness to sprout up also;
    I the Lord have created it (Isaiah 45:8).

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