Fire Alarm of Health

While sat in the library this morning I was writing a different post for y’all (as I am in America it feels only right to write this). But as the post was being written an emergency alarm began to go off. I love the American system of telling you exactly what the noise is followed by explanation of how to proceed but in the rest of life we rarely get this.

Our lives can be filled with problems and disasters, to ourselves and to those around us and when those fire alarms go off it usually lacks the explanation on how to proceed.

As those alarms chimed my husband and I worked together to ensure that we both got out of the building together. As I looked across the room I could see the same going on as friends helped friends to get out of the building. We were there for each other as the fire alarm sounded, just as often our communities are there when a disaster happens in our own lives. The alarm of death will sound and we will be there for the grieving family or the alarm of ill-health and we will come running.

But what about the alarms we ignore? Maybe it is in a different building and does not seem relevant to us. Any alarm that is going off for one of our fellow neighbours is an alarm we need to respond to. Whether we know how to respond or what to do being present is required.

Sometimes the alarm is silent. It is still there but it can be easily ignored or not even seen. We may have friends, family members or people in our community who have silent alarms currently going off. It is hard when our own lives are so full and busy to notice the silent alarms that are surrounding us but we need to try to recognise them when we can.

Community is needed for all alarms. We need to get to know people to see them and hear them. Let us strain our ears for the sounding alarms or strain our eyes for flashing of lights and let us be the ones that are there for those who have no community.

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