Rest Day is the Best Day

Some of you keen observers will have noticed that I did not post on Sunday. You see this is because Sunday is a rest day for my blog. It gives me time to take stock of what I have written over the last week and reflect on the week ahead.

I have always been a big advocate of the rest day. As my main circles seem to be vicars and students I have noticed that both these groups of people tend to struggle with the idea of having a whole day of rest. And with this I have seen people in both groups burnout and some breakdown. But I am here to say that there will always be more to do but that’s okay lets try again tomorrow.

This past weekend has been a busy one for my husband and I. With my birthday, a couple of social events, Joshua having a full day with his university, Church placement and Valentine’s day it was easy to get swept up in the process of it all and this happens with life. Everything gets so caught up and suddenly your rest day is put on the back burner because there are more important things to do.

But here is just a few reasons to why your rest days are important:

  1. Just as your body needs a rest from working out to recover and repair so does the rest of you. You need time to process all the things that have happened mentally to ensure that you are prepared for whatever comes next.
  2. This gives you time to work on your spiritual health, which can lead you to make healthier life choices. This can be through praying, yoga, quiet time or any other way you choose to centre yourself.
  3. Rest days can give you the time you need to spend with those you love. Putting time into the relationships you care about will help them to prosper. Community can also give us someone to lean on when things are tough.

Rest days can come in all shapes and sizes and you will need different types of rest days dependent on different times in your life. You may find that sometimes you need your rest days to be with those you love but other times you will need to have a solitary day. Listen to your body and your mind to determine which of these you need.

Prioritising your rest day can be difficult at times as it can seem completely selfish act but how can we be a good role model for anyone if we cannot successfully look after ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Carve that time out each week in the form you need it to take and enjoy feeling rejuvenated.

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