Controlling the Journey

For those of you who know me, you will know I am really passionate about health promotion. I suppose with a dissertation on health promotion at university I was going to learn to love it or hate it. For a long time I have felt called to health promotion within the church but just have not found a way to make this situation possible. With this in mind and the fact that Josh and I are doing a Lent course on Living Well through Lent I felt it was time to do more about this. For the next 40 days I am going to blog about my journey through health, the church, Lent and all the things in between.

As I have said earlier I have felt a calling to health promotion in the church for a while, which is great. But is it really? God has provided me the answer but not the working outs. I kind of see it like this; God has said that it is time to go home (bear in mind that I am currently in America and home is Cheshire, England) but then provided me no map, no internet or money to get there. Could I do it? Yes, there is a small chance that I could but this is going to be no easy task.

So what are my options? As I like to with most things in my life I crave control and with that there are some options. I could turn to someone I know and hope that they too are as passionate as me and can provide the capital I require to start this venture. Nevertheless I don’t happen to know someone like that and so maybe I tell everyone I meet, hoping a long the way that this leads me to the money I need… But again I’m not that lucky, well at least I haven’t been so far.

Does this mean all is lost? I had started to think so. The only option was to give up some of the control. And where has this led? To Josh and I both getting scholarships for Living Compass Congregational Wellness Training. This is an amazing opportunity to see what the church offers here in America and hopefully we can take this back to the UK.

It is not just this area of my life that I need to learn to do this either. I like to micro-manage every area of my life but I often find that I cannot juggle all the balls. Losing one of the balls can mean one or more areas of my life suffers; should that be my physical health or my mental health or my spiritual health. And with that the stress levels rise

With this 40 day blog I am not only going to explore and relax control on my greater calling in life of health promotion in the church but I am also going to explore my own health. This will include my physical, mental and spiritual health. This is not so I can micro-manage it as I have in the past but so that I can explore this journey in the way God desires it to go. Will this work? I don’t know but you are more than welcome to join me on this exploration together.

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